Ragnarok 2.0 INSTRUTEC 2017.11.16 Helena

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3. In 2007 Protex (NOR) entered Estonian market through acquisitions

4. Fast growth brought many challenges and Protex suffered heavy losses (2014)

8. Ragnarok 2.0 – much more than a work clothing 1(2)

9. Ragnarok 2.0 – much more than a work clothing 2(2)

12. Smart wear and Internet of things (IOT) – the race is on

2. Protex Balti AS - leading supplier of advanced textile solutions to Scandinavian market

6. European frontrunners within ICT, smart electronics, R&D and manufacturing Consortium partners for Ragnarok 2.0 : :

14. Thank you. Helena Almqvist Managing Director Protex Balti AS (helena@protex.no)

1. Protex Balti AS - Innovation experience as a Norwegian investor in Estonia Ragnarok 2.0 – revolutionary smart suit for workers exposed to high - risk environments Instrutec 2017

11. Ragnarok is more than a work clothing, it’s an added protection and productivity layer Imagine the world where your work clothing intelligently analyses your environment in real time. It’s a bit like having a 6th sense or supercomputer in your command

13. Best - in - class innovation through clustering between frontrunners within their respective industries and sectors S Fund through the project Supported by European Regional Development Fund through the projects Estonian ICT Cluster and Smart Electronics Cluster ESTRONICS. : :

10. Supervisor dashboard for monitoring and managing the workforce Voyager by Functions: Real time alarms of hazardous situations (man over board), Monitoring : health indicators, location of personnel in the working area, Managing : activity history and engagement chart of every individual during the shift, Integration to emergency response center , Quick links to on the field reports (Speech to text notes) Supervisor dashboard for monitoring and managing the workforce

5. Focus on innovation and moving up the value chain • Re - directing business portfolio towards high profile technical customers • Entering strategic partnerships with other industries and sectors (ICT, electronics) • Cooperation with prestigious research institutes (www.sintef.no, www.ttu.ee) and innovative Startups • Recruitment of competences to match new services – also from other industries (ABB, IT - sector etc) • Protex own brand Ragnarok ( www.ragnarok.as ). Full time sales manager, show room in Trondheim. Customers: Marine Harvest, Leroy Seafood, Ocean Visuals


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